Sophia Munic is a print maker, sculptor, and illustrator based in Tacoma, Washington. 


My work centers around how we interact with art by creating playful and colorful sculpture that the viewer can touch. My hope is to materialize what our childhood imagination would like if it were something we could grasp through fabricating abstract forms that I call Furs.

Furs try to answer the question of what happens to our childhood imagination as we grow older. When I create the forms I am often alone and in my own world, materializing a little part of my own universe to share with others. The Furs I am making are unrecognizable to the world we live in, and there is no inherent way to interact with them. They are soft and furry implying that they can be pet, but they are also works of art, making the viewer unsure of if they can be touched. Not only does my work play with what a toy is but it questions what we use as we get older as an outlet for our imagination, to entertain ourselves, and to comfort ourselves. When we grow further from our childhood, what do we have to comfort ourselves? Do we still have toys? Do we still have our imagination? What comforts us as we grow up?

When I am not working on sculpture I screen print onto old drawings to see how one print can transform an old drawing. Often I use this method as a way to explore the properties of repetition and color and how they can alter an object. Even when a piece is abstract, color can describe the work itself. These prints inform the sculpture I make.

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